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Mike James NFL Player


When I got the phone call about shooting Mike James, I jumped at this opportunity.

Since I started my career I have followed the work of legendary photographer Walter Iooss Jr., whose work has been printed mostly in Sports Illustrated. Grabbing images from the top athletes in the world.

I felt like I realized a dream I had since I started capturing images. This was my Sports Illustrated moment. Working with Mike proved to be a pleasure, he is so charming and easy to direct. We talked about a couple ideas I brought and he was surprised to see that I even brought a ball with me (Not an official NFL ball, but we made it work).

Mike is a spokesperson and he travels a lot lately, talking about a different kind of treatment for ailments. he knows firsthand how difficult it is to be a top athlete, being injured and only getting prescription drugs, whose side effects will affect your cognition and mood.