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 Annie Gustafsson by Julian Restrepo

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Mili by Julian R.



So we’re in the midst of all these image creation, there’s a point in which you are going to ask yourself, what else can I do? Let’s be honest here for a second, being in a constant state of creation is the most challenging thing, no matter how passionate you are about what you do. I pushed myself to get all these shots for a reason, I wanted to get the best images I could in the amount of time I had with the elements I had. Making them look the same way they would look for my best clients. In that way, when you get those jobs you dreamt of, you know how to think through and deliver.

With Mili, I didn’t get a lot of time, and it was just her. Those were the rules and I added to that my purpose of getting shots that looked like they were part of an AD Campaign. That means they have to have consistency, attention to detail, look polish and have some kind of concept to back everything up.



In this case, I was already basing my creative thoughts on the many mood boards I had made before; but I also wanted to let the City, and in specific, the area we were working on, inspire me. The stoops, the gothic feeling and fences of the area, complemented the outfits she had.