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Legendary Fashion Photographers - Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon-Thumbnail.jpg

One, if not the most Iconic Photographer. His style is highly recognizable, bold and full of movement.

His pictures always have some kind of movement and sadness in them, even when still, you can feel some kind of action or melancholy to them.

Avedon always wanted to bring the  vibe of street photography to Fashion, or have unexpected elements, like in his famous portrait of “Dovima with the Elephants”.

After studying Avedon’s work and watched video footage about him, I kind of feel the heavy emotions he brought to each of his pictures, there is an underlying sadness that cannot be explained. To explain in some kind of way what I feel, think about the clown that always laughs to hide his sadness; he had to move, jump, be active and shoot in a certain way, to hide in his pictures the real feeling inside of him. The is only my perception.


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Veruschka, dress by Bill Blass, New York, January 1967, Edition