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Legendary Fashion Photographers - Eve Arnold

Eve Arnold-Thumbnail.jpg

Arnold was bold and daring, she eschewed the use of flashes, saying that by the time you setup the lights, the image is gone.

She insisted “you have to take advantage of the variables. It might be the smile, the gesture, the light. None of which you can predict”.

The idea was to capture what was natural and subtle, she wanted to reach out and bring the subject’s soul to a space where they would show themselves as they were.

She was the first stringer for the Magnum Photo Agency, joining in 1951.

It is said that some of her best work is the result of a long friendship with Marilyn Monroe.

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 USA. New York. New York City. US Actress Marilyn MONROE at the premiere of 'East of Eden'. 1950.
 USA. New York City. 42nd Street. Self-portrait. Eve ARNOLD in a distorting mirror. 1950.