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Sexual Harassment and the Fashion Industry

Today’s blog is not to add more stories to Harvey Weinstein, it’s about a closer and almost equally old story. Terry “Uncle Terry” Richardson being banned from working with any of Conde Nast publications. I want to talk about this since it touches on the industry I work every single day, and because I have an opinion I want to share with my readers and be heard by all those around me.

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The year in Fashion

The past year will go down in history as a time of radical regime change, not least (well, probably least) in the fashion world. The populist revolution didn't happen overnight-the first salvo may have been fired during New York Fashion Week, in February of 2001, with the advent of a trend that Simon Doonan, the "Creative Ambassador at Large" for Barneys, who was then still designing the shop's windows, called haute sauvagerie.

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