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Inspiration of Today 39

Inspiration of Today is a daily series in which I share images that inspire me from the industry. Wether is a Fashion Editorial, Advertising Campaign, Lookbook, Catalog or Fashion Film. The idea is to create a visual library of people I admire and the style I love. I hope you like it too.
Julian R.


Today's inspiration comes from Vogue Thailand, shot by Russell James. How can you mess a story with Lily Aldridge, shot by Russell James? impossible. You already know the result is going to be fantastic and tasteful.

Studio shots can be the most difficult ones, I mean, it's the model against a background. As a creative you gotta really be inventive to make it attractive (the story, not the model). It's usually the showcase of some element, added to the capacity of the model to perform. In this case the use of wind to convey action, the poses by Lily Aldridge and the hard light are the dramatic/disruptive element, however, they never take away from the heroes which are the clothes and jewelry in specific.

Very classy and elegant. Plus, what do you think about the hair and makeup? I love the waves and hair style.


Photography: Russell James
Styled by: Kate Young
Hair: Danielle Priano
Makeup: Hung Vanngo
Model: Lily Aldridge