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Inspiration of Today 38

Inspiration of Today is a daily series in which I share images that inspire me from the industry. Wether is a Fashion Editorial, Advertising Campaign, Lookbook, Catalog or Fashion Film. The idea is to create a visual library of people I admire and the style I love. I hope you like it too.
Julian R.


Today's inspiration comes from Wonderland Magazine, shot by Damien Fry. It's interesting how you begin to recognize some patterns in the industry, this is the second story I feature here from Wonderland Magazine, and coincidentally enough is shot by another photographer represented by One Represents. Damien Fry, did a fantastic job capturing this retro-filled story. I particularly enjoy the game he created with the "through-the-window" light, representing the passing of time (sunset-like light as in the picture above, or more white light in the ones below as in midmorning.)


Publication: Wonderland Magazine
Photography: Damien Fry at ONE REPRESENTS
Styled by: Ursula Geisselmann
Hair: Maki Tanaka
Makeup: Martina Lattanzi
Model: Astrid Holler