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Inspiration of Today 37

Inspiration of Today is a daily series in which I share images that inspire me from the industry. Wether is a Fashion Editorial, Advertising Campaign, Lookbook, Catalog or Fashion Film. The idea is to create a visual library of people I admire and the style I love. I hope you like it too.
Julian R.


Today's inspiration comes from Harper's Bazaar Kazakhstan, shot by Matallana. My fellow Colombian Photographer. I've followed Matallana's career since he signed with Wilhelmina and I'm so happy to see his growth in just a couple of years. He recently switched agencies again and keeps going up. This story wasn't less, impecable contrast, strong cover. I perceive a very Harper's Bazaar studio Editorial, I mean that in a great way because that shows his knowledge of the Magazine's aesthetic. Light wise is both soft yet contrasty enough to make the fabric and skin pop.


Photography: Matallana
Styled by: DaVian Lain
Hair: Michael Silva
Makeup: Colleen Runne
Manicurist: Michelle Matthews
Model: Riley Montana at Next Models