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 Annie Gustafsson by Julian Restrepo

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Inspiration of Today 36

Inspiration of Today is a daily series in which I share images that inspire me from the industry. Wether is a Fashion Editorial, Advertising Campaign, Lookbook, Catalog or Fashion Film. The idea is to create a visual library of people I admire and the style I love. I hope you like it too.
Julian R.


Today's inspiration comes from Vogue Turkey March, shot by Miguel Reveriego. Not sure if it's the turquoise color palette, the combination with the yellow, or I've seen many L.A. and Cape Town photographers but I think this story has a California Flavor. The sun bathing the face of the model, bringing the details in the sewing of the dress. The motel disdain and careless behavior of someone running away (have I said that before, maybe in a recent story). Running from what?, going where? It doesn't matter, in the end is just a dream. The dream we all have of being free. 


Photography: Miguel Reveriego
Styled by: Konca Aykan
Hair: Tomi Kono
Makeup: Seong Hee Park
Manicure: Naomi Yasuda
Model: Stella Maxwell