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Inspiration of Today 33

Inspiration of Today is a daily series in which I share images that inspire me from the industry. Wether is a Fashion Editorial, Advertising Campaign, Lookbook, Catalog or Fashion Film. The idea is to create a visual library of people I admire and the style I love. I hope you like it too.
Julian R.


Today's inspiration comes from Wonderland Magazine, shot by Buzz White. What I like about this story and what Buzz White did, is that they took it back to essentials in storytelling. Take just one model and tell me something. It takes it to the basics of model testing, however, it includes the mastery of storytelling to turn something seemingly simple into a full and compelling story. In this occasion Buzz White did it with a high degree of precision, using the elements of natural light and black and white.

Beautiful story, featuring the wonderful Lera Abova in full splendor.


Publication: Wonderland Magazine
Photography: Buzz White at One Represents
Styled by: Nicco Torelli
Hair: Karin Bigler
Makeup: Amy Conley
Model: Lera Abova