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Runway by the Barrels

Courtesy: Inexmoda

The opening show of the 2016 Colombian Fashion Week was a huge success, it delivered a clear message of how big the designers and creative ideas are.

A maze of wooden barrels, carved in american oak, containing the local Rum (Ron Medellín) with aging of 3,5,12,30 and even 40 years; made the perfect scenery for the opening Runway by Designer Jorge Duque. It surprised everybody with color, textures and light. Magic all around.

The concept of his creation was based in all the ideas that the process of creation of the Rum bring. It takes years to get the perfect taste, to polish the eye and develop the craft. Jorge Duque has mentioned before how the Ron Medellin has been a part of his career and gives that fine touch to his creations. That’s the reason why he walked the Runway showing a 12 year bottle of Rum.

Courtesy: Inexmoda

All the refinement was shown through the details of the whole experience; from the black carpet that gave that sense of elegance to the guests while getting in, to the Rum based mojitos everyone in attendance got. Sweet and savory smells, paired with the dimmed lights gave that air of magic, mystery and old fashion turned new.

Definitely a night to remember to those 800 or so guests who were part of the opening show, which promises a week full of surprises, beauty and vanguard.

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Courtesy: Inexmoda