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The PAPARAZZI experience

How does it feel to be followed by paparazzi? How is it when they follow you for the first time?

Being one of those people who doesn't get star struck regularly, I didn't believe it when I first heard -Guys, we're going to have Paparazzi when we go back to the beach. It didn't really click; perhaps I thought it was something like when your friends say -we should be able to fly to mars. That was the first day of a 3 day production with model Joy Corrigan and South African Photographer Jacques Weyers.

That afternoon we went back to the beach after lunch and everything seemed to be normal; out of a sudden, I peek a random guy with a backpack. He seemed out of place, cargo shorts, T-Shirt, Tennis shoes. Two minutes after that first glance I looked again to find the random guy taking out of his backpack a huge lens (Probably a 400mm, Canon.). That was the moment it clicked. She handled it like a pro, remained calm and kept working hard, we all did; however, it became really clear it wasn't going to be a regular photo shoot.

That day we had probably 6,7 guys following us around with one of them going around talking to the others instead of taking pictures (Was that an editor? Do paparazzis have content editors? IDK). Joy told us it started happening after the Sports Illustrated Swim Edition castings, but it was one of the first times she was dealing with them.

The other two days went by with the same situation -There must be nothing going on in Miami, said Joy. It is pretty exciting to feel everybody looking around or asking who you are, however, after three days of the same thing it starts getting exhausting. How do famous actors and actresses deal with it on a daily basis? I wouldn't leave home often, are some of the thoughts in my mind.

The experience was quite interesting, got some pictures of myself rolling on the internet (with Joy on the foreground, lol) and learned from it. It made me admire Joy a lot more as person by the way she dealt with the situation and by how extremely cool and kind she is. I certainly hope we can work again in the future as well as with Jacques.