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Blood Moon

Tonight it was expected to happen, an event that would only be repeated in 30 years. The expectations were high and I was ready for it.

I prepared and charged the batteries of the GoPro because I wanted to get a timelapse.

I had my Canon 5D Mark III ready, batteries charged, cards formatted, remote shutter programed. I wanted to get some pictures for myself, social media and the possibility of capturing time lapse with different focal lengths.

In the end I couldn't capture much because it got really cloudy (Bummer!), but that didn't stop the fun. I was at a park next to where I live, so I took the chance and played a little bit with the long exposures, just.for.the.sake.of.it. I wasn't gonna leave without pictures.

I'm pretty sure I'm not going to forget the experience any time soon, and I guess it'll take me another 30 years to get to experience the blood moon.