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Swimwear editorial

She mentioned Carmen and that’s when the concept took off

I'm very happy to share with you this editorial that I shot during the summer. Specially this month remembering such a great character as Carmen Miranda (She died on August 5th, 1955).

I had this idea of doing something tropical that included a pineapple, I started asking around, reading and looking for inspiration. Someone just told me about the palenqueras in Colombia, which are these ladies dressed in colorful colors who balance a bowl of fresh fruits on their heads. I thought this was a great element to add to an outfit for a fashion photo shoot.

Then, while talking to our stylist Maria Mejia, she mentioned Carmen and that's when the whole concept took off. Carmen was iconic for her chic, colorful outfits, her joyful spirit; Carmen brought a "Fiesta" wherever she would go. Lennie got super inspired by her, we were all energized by the tropical, musical spirit of Carmen Miranda.

Here are the pictures of the story, hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Thanks to the whole team who made this possible.

Model: Fernanda Uesler at Front Management @fe_uesler

H&MUA: Lennie Billy @makeupbylennie

Stylist: Maria Mejia @mariaclaramejiae

Assistant: Juan Jimenez

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