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3 Mistakes Swimwear Brands are making and how to avoid them

The weather is finally being merciful on us here in the US. At least in the southern areas. That means Swimwear brands are going to start traveling to Miami to produce their Campaign Images to showcase their new collections. Swim Show is a few months away but it’s worth having everything ready.

I would like to talk today about 3 mistakes Swimwear Brands are making when it comes to content creation. I would also like to propose some solutions to this problem.

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Traveling is part of our lives as professionals, and as much as we all love traveling to new and exciting locations, doing it with equipment proves to be quite stressing. If you are based in the USA or have worked here, you know we have pretty tight security controls; not only lines can be really long, but you also have to use several trays to separate your laptop, tablet, cellphone and the rest of your belongings. Now, if you are traveling with rolls of film and film cameras, get ready for more after you request the manual inspection. However, there is a way to reduce stress, get past security fast and enjoy a little bit the process

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